Nimbus partners with university administrations, student unions and tutoring organizations to launch or modernize effective tech driven peer-to-peer tutoring services.


Launch a Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Service

With our technology, setting up and launching a peer-to-peer tutoring service has never been easier. In person peer-to-peer tutoring at the university level has been proven to raise students’ grades, increasing confidence levels of students and tutors and providing the latter with a fulfilling, interesting, flexible source of income to complement their studies. Our experience launching peer-to-peer tutoring services has given us the tools to make sure that tutors are qualified to teach – ensuring that your tutoring service gets off to a smooth start and remains sustainably valuable to students.

Modernize an Existing Tutoring Service

Running a peer-to-peer tutoring service is difficult and time consuming especially when you have to do everything by hand. Our technology automates much of the administrative processes that go into running a peer-to-peer tutoring service, and gives you access to a variety of data that will help to better optimize your services.

Working with Nimbus

Built-in matching and location system

Eliminate time manually tracking and matching students with tutors. Our built-in matching system allows for students and tutors to match instantly based on their needs and availabilities.

Rating and review system

Our in-app rating and review system allows you to maintain a high standard of tutoring for your students.

Built-in payment system

Our built-in payment system powered by Stripe centralizes, tracks and secures all payments done between students and tutors.

Mobile application

Our mobile platform allows for administration and student unions to provide better services catered to a younger generation tending towards mobile apps.

Administration console

Our administration console provides data and insight – allowing you to optimize your services and adjust to trends.

Improvement & Personalization

Whether it is having your unique branding or adding new features, we can personalize and adapt to your needs so that you can offer the service that you want. In the meantime, we will be working to improve all aspects of our technology. For example: Web version of the application coming soon!

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